Top 8 Steps You Must Know to Study in Canada

Nowadays, almost everyone wants to study in Canada, experience a new lifestyle in a foreign country, and start an afresh life chapter. Do you know? 21 of the top 500 universities in the world are located in Canada.

Because Canada offers many courses like diplomas, undergraduate, master, postgraduate, and even vocational courses, people get attracted to study in Canada as an international student.

Every year tons of international students get enrolled in Canadian universities. Whether your course starts in fall, summer, or winter, you must know the 8 top steps to study in Canada.

Below is the step to step guide for you to go through if you are planning to study in Canada in the future.

Step 1 – Select Your Course and University

Only Designated Learning institutions can give admission to study in Canada as an international student. You need to select a course according to your interest and qualifications.

Though, the Canadian Academic system is very flexible regarding switching courses. But it is always advisable to compare a few universities beforehand and choose a course you are interested in.

Step 2 – Give English Proficiency Exam

To enter as an International Student in Canada, you must appear and pass the English or French proficiency exam with a minimum required score. Some universities accept the Cambridge English; Advanced or TOEFL exam score. Choose the exam according to your country, pay fees and book the dates in advance. Make sure to practice your language skills so your application will be accepted.

Step 3 – Make Your Budget

When you plan to study in Canada, you need to make your budget, which is not limited to the academic fees but all the expenses, including living costs.

Even if you have a 100% scholarship, you will have many expenses that you will cover yourself.

So, therefore, when you are busy selecting universities, think about your budget, explore according to your finances, and go for options like study loans or savings.

Step 4 – Send Your Application to Universities

The third step is to contact the universities you are interested in, look at their application, and submit them in advance. The application fee depends on the university to the university. It can be around $100 to $250.

As a backup, you need to select one or two alternatives. Fill out the application form carefully. Submit all the accurate information with the necessary documents.

Once it is done, you need to wait for the confirmation. And when you get selected in university/ universities, you can go ahead with the study permit.

Step 5 – Apply for a Study Visa

Now, you can apply for a study visa for Canada, online and offline. Make sure to have soft copies of all the necessary documents like an acceptance letter, a valid passport, bank statements, medical certificates, etc.

In case you apply to a university in Quebec, along with an acceptance letter, you will receive a ‘Certificateacceptation du Quebec’. Including this document when applying to study abroad in Canada is compulsory.

Step 6 – Arrange Your Stay

Once you have a study visa, you can start arranging your stay. You can choose to stay on the college campus or live alone. When you decide to live on campus, you need not worry about safety and do not have to do that much by yourself,

But when you decide to stay in shared rooms, you will be responsible for house hunting, laundry, groceries, cooking, and cleaning. So, therefore, choose either of the options according to your choice.

Step 7 – Book Your Tickets

Once the application, interview and accommodation things get done, you need to book your tickets to study abroad in Canada. Your study visa will have a start date. Before the start date, you are not allowed to enter Canada. So, make sure to book your tickets as per the start date.

Step 8 – Get Ready to Fly

Once everything gets settled, it’s time to fly to Canada to study as an international student. Pack all the essential things you need to get ready to start a new phase of your life.

The immigration officer will verify your study visa and other documents at the airport. This is the final step of immigration before stepping into Canada.


In the end, moving to study abroad in Canada can be difficult for some people. But what comes after it is also a life-changing experience and can be the best decision of your life.

Studying in Canada is a great opportunity; if you get one, grab it and make the most out of it. But if you are confused and planning to study in Canada, you can talk to educational consultants in UAE, 4sstudyabroad.

Our experts will consider your needs as they will help you with the right course and university. From start to finish, 4sstudyabraod will be your side to ensure that your trip to study in Canada is simple and easy.