Why Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand | Apply Student Visa & Scholarships in NZ University

Studying in New Zealand means you will meet a lot of students all over the world. For most people, New Zealand is an exotic location with unique culture and a beautiful environment, with endless opportunities for adventures and sports.

What’s more, education in New Zealand is known as one of the top in the world because of its high quality and international perspective. This is one of the reasons why many students who want to study abroad choose this country. New Zealand is basically an island country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The country is divided into two main categories- the North Island and the South Island.

New Zealanders, also known as Kiwis, are among the happiest people in this world. When you come to study in New Zealand, you will experience a magnificent and adventurous journey you cannot experience anywhere.

However, most of you might be curious to know more details about student visas for New Zealand, cost of study, scholarships, and many more. Don’t worry. In this article, you will find every detail to get a clear picture of studying in New Zealand.

Tuition Fees in New Zealand

●    Tuition fees at Public University

If you want to study at a public university in New Zealand, the amount varies depending on the degree type, level of education, and length of your course:

  • 4,100 to 6,100 NZD/year for Bachelor’s Degree
  • 7,300 to 10,500 NZD/year for a Master’s Degree
  • 3,700 to 5,100 NZD/year for Ph.D. Degree

Few degrees related to Medicine and Veterinary Science can be more expensive than other degrees.

●    Tuition fees at Private Universities

Private Universities are costly as compared to public universities in New Zealand. Though you can find accessible courses, you must prepare to pay tuition fees of 20,000 NZD or even 25,000 NZD per year.

Two Most Affordable Universities in New Zealand

Tip: Only a few courses start at affordable prices in both universities studying in New Zealand.

Living Cost of Study in New Zealand

To live in New Zealand, you will need a budget of approximately 750 to 1.300 NZD/month. Here are the most important aspects of this budget:

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Commute or travel

Accommodation Costs in New Zealand

Following are the most popular types of accommodation among international students in New Zealand:

  1. Student Halls – The most convenient and affordable choice is student halls, though these halls might be available in limited places.
  2. Rented Flats – Another famous choice is rented flats with 2 or 3 roommates. It would help if you also bought utilities for the flat. The average cost for all would be around 500 to 1200 NZD.
  3. Home Stays – This might be an excellent option for international students who wants to explore the local habits, food and culture of New Zealand. It is cheaper than renting a flat.

Food Cost in New Zealand

You will typically spend on food and groceries in New Zealand from150 to 200 NZD/month. Do not try to eat outside or order food often if you want to spend less. Try to find a balance and cook as much as you can. Look for discounts in the supermarkets when you do grocery shopping.

Transportation Costs in New Zealand

You can travel by bus to any city in New Zealand. A monthly transport pass will cost you around 80 to 90 NZD, though some towns offer student discounts. So, do not forget to grab that opportunity.

Also, students who like to explore areas like Auckland and Wellington can use trains to reach the suburbs.

Scholarships for New Zealand

You can research scholarships and grants in New Zealand during the university application process. Universities offer some, while government or private organizations might cover others.

However, it would help if you kept an eye on the deadlines. It passes from one scholarship to another. If you miss it, you won’t be able to do anything about it.

Few scholarships in New Zealand are mentioned below:

  1. CCSE Graduate Scholarship
  2. Broker fish International Student Scholarship
  3. Ritchie Jennings Memorial Scholarship

Student Visa Requirements

The New Zealand Government offers an opportunity for international students to study in their country. But you need to obtain a student visa first. The visa you want depends on the course you want to learn and how long you plan to stay in New Zealand.

If you are an adult above 18 years, the following are the documents required at the time of filling an application for a student visa:

Documents Required to Study in New Zealand

To apply for a visa in New Zealand, you generally need:

  1. A passport must be valid for at least three months after your stay in New Zealand.
  2. Student Visa Application Form
  3. A letter of acceptance from the New Zealand Education Provider states the minimum course duration, total tuition fee and the course approved by the New Zealand Qualification Authority.
  4. The New Zealand Qualification Authority must approve an offer of a place by the educational institute.
  5. Evidence of sufficient funds in your bank account if in case.
  6. Full Medical Examination Certificate
  7. English language test score IELTS/TOEFL

Few Additional Documents

  1. Visa Application fees
  2. Passport Sized Photograph
  3. Tuition Fee Receipt
  4. Previous Degrees, Diplomas or Certificates

You might need to show funds in your bank account of around NZD 15,000 to cover your living expenses throughout your stay in New Zealand.


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Global Recognition

Universities in New Zealand are well renowned and recognized the world over, and graduates from New Zealand-based institutions are held in high regard and sought after.

Cost of Living

New Zealand offers a highly competitive Cost of Study in New Zealand and lowers living costs when compared to other study abroad destinations like the USA and UK.

Diversity of Education

A highly integrated system that supports a wide range and diversity of subjects to choose from.


Take advantage of renowned scholarships for top-performing students to further offset educational costs in New Zealand.

Beautiful Flora and Fauna

With an impressive shoreline and beautiful weather, sun-touched beaches, and masses of greenery – New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in the world to study and live.

Multicultural Environment

With students from all over the globe and a myriad of communities, you’ll feel at home almost instantly in New Zealand. New Zealanders are well known for their hospitality and welcoming nature.


New Plymouth 32
Hamilton 33
Whangarei 24
Palmerston North 15
Dunedin 10
Christchurch 5
Footscray 5
Nelson 75

Courses To Choose From

Following are some number of courses provided by the Top Universities.


Accounting and Information Systems 

Antarctic Studies


Applied Psychology 

Architectural Engineering


Art Curatorship

Art History and Theory

Art History

Art Theory



Bicultural Co-Governance of Natural Resources



Biological Sciences




Business Administration

Business Information Systems

Business Management

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Chemical and Process Engineering


Child and Family Psychology


Cinema Studies

Civil Engineering


Communication Disorders

Computational and Applied Mathematics

Computer Engineering

Computer Science

Construction Management


Criminal Justice

Cultural Studies

Data Science

Digital Humanities

Disaster Risk and Resilience

Earthquake Engineering




Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Engineering Geology

Engineering Management

Engineering Mathematics


English Language

Environmental Science

European and European Union Studies

European Studies

Evolutionary Biology



Finance and Economics

Financial Engineering

Financial Management

Fine Arts

Fire Engineering

Forest Engineering



Gender Studies

Geographic Information Science




Graphic Design

Hazard and Disaster Management

Health Sciences

Higher Education


Human-Animal Studies

Human Interface Technology

Human Services

Information Systems


International Law and Politics



Languages and Cultures




Māori and Indigenous Studies


Mathematical Physics


Mathematics and Philosophy

Mechanical Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering

Media and Communication

Medical Physics

Medical Physics (Clinical)


Micro-credentials (Education, Engineering, Business)


Natural Resources Engineering

Pacific Studies





Plant Biology

Political Science and International Relations


Professional and Community Engagement

Professional Accounting

Product Design




Science Education

Science, Māori and Indigenous Knowledge


Social Work


Software Engineering

Soil Science


Speech and Language Pathology

Sport Coaching

Sport Science



Teacher Education

Te Reo Māori

Transition Programmes

Transportation Engineering

Water Resource Management


Youth and Community Leadership


Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping FNS40217

Diploma of Accounting FNS50217

Accounting Principles Skill Set FNSSS00014

Certificate IV in Ageing Support CHC43015

Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs CHC43215

Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance HLT43015

Bachelor of Animation and Visual Effects

Master of Applied Information Technology

Bachelor of Applied Movement Sciences/Master of Physiotherapy

Master of Applied Psychology (Clinical Psychology)

Master of Applied Psychology (Community Psychology)

Master of Applied Research

Master of Applied Research

Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

Bachelor of Arts

Master of Arts

Certificate III in Barbering SHB30516

BAS Agent Registration Skill Set FNSSS00004

Basic Scaffolding TNSCF

Certificate III in Beauty Services SHB30115

Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy SHB40115

Diploma of Beauty Therapy SHB50115

Bachelor of Biomedical and Exercise Science

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Bachelor of Biomedicine

Certificate III in Bricklaying and Blocklaying CPC33020

Bridging Course in Clinical Practice For International Medical Graduates HIMG

Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) CPC40110

Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) CPC50210

Certificate II in Building and Construction Pre-apprenticeship 22338VIC

Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural) 22477VIC

Bachelor of Building Design

Bachelor of Building Surveying

Graduate Certificate in Building Surveying

Graduate Diploma in Building Surveying

Building the Team THAAY

Graduate Diploma in Business (Accounting)

Master of Business (Accounting)

Master of Business Administration (Global)

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration (Professional)

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

Master of Business Analytics

Bachelor of Business

Certificate IV in Business BSB40120

Diploma of Business (Enterprise)

Graduate Diploma in Business

Certificate III in Cabinet Making MSF31113

Capstone Exam Preparatory Course JVAE

Certificate III in Carpentry and Joinery CPC32011

Certificate III in Carpentry CPC30220

Master of Change, Innovation and Leadership

Graduate Certificate in Change Management

Introduction to Change Management THABK

Chinese Language and Culture Program JQAK

Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations RII30820

Certificate II in Civil Construction RII20720

Certificate III in Civil Construction RII30920

Certificate IV in Civil Construction RII40720

Class 1 Restricted Electrical Fault Finding Licence TNCL1

Master of Clinical Exercise Science and Rehabilitation

Introduction to Clipper Fading THAAE

Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring Skills THABG

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery SIT30816

Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery SIT40516

Communicate with Influence THAAZ

Bachelor of Community Development

Diploma of Community Development CHC52115

Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management CHC62015

Certificate IV in Community Services CHC42015

Diploma of Community Services CHC52015

Graduate Certificate in Community Sport Management

Construction Induction (White Card) TNAAA

Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)

Graduate Certificate in Construction Project Management

Graduate Diploma in Counselling

Master of Counselling

CPR (Refresher) TNABG

Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Psychological Studies

Bachelor of Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Criminology

Master of Criminology

Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Psychological Studies

Cross-Sector Infection Control Skill Set BSBSS00095

Certificate IV in Cyber Security 22334VIC

Advanced Diploma of Cyber Security 22445VIC

Bachelor of Cyber Security

Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security

Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security

Cybersecurity Essentials THABC

Introduction to Cybersecurity THABB

Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics for Sport Performance

Bachelor of Dermal Sciences

Graduate Certificate in Digital Learning and Teaching

Graduate Certificate in Digital Media

Graduate Diploma in Digital Media

Master of Digital Media

Certificate IV in Disability CHC43115

Certificate II in Drainage CPC20712

Course in EAL 22483VIC

Certificate I in EAL (Access) 22484VIC

Certificate II in EAL (Access) 22485VIC

Certificate III in EAL (Access) 22486VIC

Certificate IV in EAL (Access) 22487VIC

Certificate II in EAL (Employment) 22488VIC

Certificate III in EAL (Employment) 22489VIC

Certificate IV in EAL (Employment / Professional) 22490VIC

Certificate III in EAL (Further Study) 22491VIC

Certificate IV in EAL (Further Study) 22492VIC

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care CHC30113

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care CHC50113

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Leadership

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education

Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Graduate Certificate in Economics for Business

Graduate Certificate in Education

Graduate Diploma in Education

Master of Education

Bachelor of Education (P-12)

Bachelor of Education Studies

Diploma of Education Studies

Certificate IV in Education Support CHC40213

Effective Communication Skills THAAV

Introduction to Effective Teamwork THABM

Effective Time Management THABA

Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician UEE30811

Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Pre-vocational) 22499VIC

Emergency First Aid in Childcare and Education TNABD

Diploma of Emergency Health Care HLT51020

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence THAAW

Certificate I in Employment Pathways 22523VIC

Diploma of Engineering

Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade MEM30319

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Architectural Engineering)

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil Engineering)

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical Engineering)

Master of Engineering

Certificate III in Engineering - Mechanical Trade MEM30219

Certificate IV in Engineering MEM40119

Certificate II in Engineering Studies 22470VIC

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) VNEAP

Graduate Certificate in Enterprise and Resource Planning Systems

Master of Enterprise Resource Planning

Diploma of Event Management SIT50316

Bachelor of Exercise Science (Clinical Practice)

Bachelor of Exercise Science (Sport Practice)

Eyelash Extensions TNAAE

Graduate Certificate in Finance

Master of Finance

Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning

Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning

Master of Financial Planning

Bachelor of Fitness

Certificate III in Fitness SIS30315

Certificate IV in Fitness SIS40215

Food Safety Handlers (Hospitality) TNAAB

Food Safety Supervisor (Hospitality) TNAAC

Foundations at VU JYAC

Certificate II in Furniture Making MSF20313

Certificate I in General Education for Adults 22472VIC

Certificate II in General Education for Adults 22473VIC

Certificate III in General Education for Adults 22474VIC

Certificate I in General Education for Adults (Introductory) 22476VIC

General English VNGEN

Graduate Certificate in Global Public Health

Master of Global Public Health

Certificate III in Hairdressing SHB30416

Certificate III in Health Administration HLT37315

Diploma of Health Coaching 10237NAT

Bachelor of Health Science

Master of Health Science (Osteopathy)

Certificate III in Health Services Assistance HLT33115

Associate Degree in Hospitality and Hotel Management

Diploma of Hospitality Management SIT50416

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management SIT60316

Certificate II in Hospitality SIT20316

Certificate III in Hospitality SIT30616

Bachelor of Human Nutrition

Certificate IV in Human Resource Management BSB40420

Master of Human Resource Management

Certificate III in Individual Support CHC33015

Infection Control Skill Set (Food Handling) HLTSS00066

Infection control Skill Set HLTSS00064

Infection Control Skill Set (Retail) HLTSS00065

Infection Control Skill Set (Transport and Logistics) HLTSS00067

Bachelor of Information Technology

Diploma of Information Technology

Certificate III in Information Technology ICT30120

Certificate IV in Information Technology ICT40120

Bachelor of Information Technology (Professional)

Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Project Management

Course in Initial EAL 22482VIC

Graduate Certificate in International Community Development

Graduate Diploma in International Community Development

Master of International Community Development

International Foundations at VU (Extended) JQAH

International Foundations at VU JQAG

Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) THABD

Course in Introduction to the National Disability Insurance Scheme 22469VIC

Certificate III in Joinery CPC31912

Certificate II in Kitchen Operations SIT20416

LANTITE Preparation Course THAAA

Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Criminology

Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry)

Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (Graduate Entry)

Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Psychological Studies

Certificate IV in Leadership and Management BSB40520

Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB50420

Leading a Team THAAX

Advanced Diploma of Legal Practice 22565VIC

Bachelor of Legal Services

Certificate IV in Legal Services BSB40620

Level II First Aid TNABJ

Diploma of Library and Information Services BSB50520

Diploma of Logistics TLI50219

Certificate III in Make-Up SHB30215

Graduate Certificate in Management

Graduate Certificate in Management

Master of Management

Introduction to Managing Workplace Priorities THABE

Introduction to Managing Workplace Relationships THABL

Graduate Certificate in Marketing

Master of Marketing

Mechanical Fitting for Hobbyists THAAU

Certificate IV in Mental Health CHC43315

Micropigmentation and Cosmetic Tattooing for Professionals JQMP

Bachelor of Midwifery/Bachelor of Nursing

Migration Law for Lawyers JVAF

Graduate Diploma in Migration Law

Bachelor of Music

Certificate III in Non-Emergency Patient Transport HLT31120

Bachelor of Nursing

Master of Nursing (By Research)

Graduate Certificate in Nursing

Diploma of Nursing HLT54115

Master of Nursing

Bachelor of Nutritional Science/Master of Dietetics

Bachelor of Outdoor Education and Environmental Science

Bachelor of Outdoor Leadership

Diploma of Paramedical Science HLT51015

Bachelor of Paramedicine

Diploma of Payroll Services FNS50417

Perfect Your Own Make-Up THAAF

Graduate Certificate in Performance Analysis (Football)

Graduate Certificate in Performance-Based Building & Fire Codes

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated)

Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated)

Bachelor of Physical Education and Sport Science

Graduate Certificate in Planetary Health

Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services CPC40912

Certificate III in Plumbing CPC32413

Certificate II in Plumbing (Pre-apprenticeship) 22569VIC

Course in Policing Recruitment Pathway 22512VIC

Introduction to Positive Leadership THABN

Graduate Certificate in Power Engineering

Introduction to Presentation Skills THABH

Master of Professional Accounting

Professional Course in Australian Migration Law JQML

Professional Course in Notarial Practice JQNP

Master of Professional Psychology

Graduate Certificate in Project Management

Graduate Diploma in Project Management

Master of Project Management

Introduction to Project Management THABI

Bachelor of Psychological Studies

Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Honours)

Bachelor of Psychological Studies/Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

Graduate Certificate in Public Health

Master of Public Health

Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) TNREC

Diploma of Remedial Massage HLT52015

Master of Research

Master of Research

Master of Research Practice

Master of Research Practice

Graduate Certificate in Research Skills

Responsible Service of Alcohol THAAB

Revit Level 1 THAAC

Safe Operation of an Elevating Work Platform TNAAH

Course in Safe Use of Machinery for Technology Teaching 22454VIC

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Biomedical Sciences)

Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy)

Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy)/Master of Health Science (Osteopathy)

Bachelor of Science/Master of Teaching (Secondary Education)

Diploma of Screen and Media CUA51015

Bachelor of Screen Media

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Strategy and Implementation Program JVAC

Certificate III in Signs and Graphics CPC30216

Bachelor of Social Work

Solar Grid Connect - Design and Install TNABL

Solar Grid Connect - Design TNABM

Solar Grid Connect - Install TNABN

Bachelor of Speech and Language Sciences/Master of Speech Pathology

Master of Speech Pathology

Graduate Certificate in Sport and Exercise Science

Master of Sport and Exercise Science

Master of Sport Business

Graduate Certificate in Sport Integrity

Bachelor of Sport Management

Bachelor of Sport Management/Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Sport Science

Bachelor of Sport Science (Human Movement)/Bachelor of Psychological Studies

Bachelor of Sport Science (Human Movement)/Bachelor of Sport Management

Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Master of Supply Chain Management

Tax Law for Tax Agents Skill Set (Tax documentation) FNSSS00008

Diploma of Teacher Education Preparation 22451VIC

Graduate Certificate in Teaching (Primary Education)

Master of Teaching (Primary Education)

Graduate Certificate in Teaching (Secondary Education)

Master of Teaching (Secondary Education)

Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education

Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation 22582VIC

Graduate Certificate in TESOL

Graduate Certificate in Tourism and Destination Management

Master of Tourism Hospitality and Events Management

Certificate II in Tourism SIT20116

Certificate III in Tourism SIT30116

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40116

Certificate I in Transition Education 22567VIC

Graduate Certificate in Transport Systems

Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management SIT50116

Undergraduate Certificate in Architectural Design

Undergraduate Certificate in Building Construction Management

Undergraduate Certificate in Diet and Health

Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Business Skills

Undergraduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education

Undergraduate Certificate in Education (P12) STEM

Undergraduate Certificate in Education Studies

Undergraduate Certificate in Engineering Fundamentals

Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurial Mindset

Undergraduate Certificate in Health Science

Undergraduate Certificate in Information Technology

Undergraduate Certificate in Interpersonal and Organisational Skills

Undergraduate Certificate in Laser Safety

Undergraduate Certificate in Primary Physical Education

Undergraduate Certificate in Psychological Studies

Undergraduate Certificate in Science and the Environment

Undergraduate Certificate in Secondary Physical Education

Undergraduate Certificate in Sport Science

Undergraduate Certificate in Web Development and Programming

Welding for Beginners THAAN

Certificate II in Work Education 22481VIC

Certificate I in Work Education 22566VIC

Working at Heights Safely in the Resources and Infrastructure Industry TNABQ

Bachelor of Youth Work and Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Youth Work

Certificate IV in Youth Work CHC40413

Bachelor of Youth Work/Bachelor of Sport Management

Master of Applied Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management

Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management

Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting

Graduate Diploma in Management

Graduate Diploma in Accounting

Graduate Diploma in Marketing

Bachelor of Commerce

New Zealand Diploma in Business (Administration and Technology)

New Zealand Diploma in Business (Human Resource Management)

New Zealand Diploma in Business (Marketing and Sales)

New Zealand Diploma in Business (Project Management)

New Zealand Diploma in Business (Accounting)

New Zealand Diploma in Business (Leadership and Management)

New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management)

New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology)

New Zealand Certificate in Project Management

New Zealand Certificate in Business (Accounting Support Services)

New Zealand Certificate in Business (Introduction to Small Business)

New Zealand Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership)

New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology)

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