Why Study in Malaysia

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Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country that offers high-quality education to international students from around the world. The country’s education system is well-developed and provides a wide range of courses at various levels, including diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs. Malaysia has gained popularity as a study abroad destination due to its affordable tuition fees, diverse culture, and friendly environment.

Why Study in Malaysia?

There are several reasons why international students should consider studying in Malaysia:

  1. Affordable tuition fees: Malaysia offers a low cost of living and affordable tuition fees compared to other countries like the USA, UK, and Australia.
  2. High-quality education: Malaysia’s education system is of high quality and is recognized globally.
  3. Multicultural environment: Malaysia has a diverse culture, and international students can experience and learn about different cultures.
  4. Easy visa process: The visa process for Malaysia is straightforward and easy for international students.
  5. Job opportunities: Malaysia provides international students with work opportunities after they complete their studies.

Education System in Malaysia

The education system in Malaysia is divided into three levels: primary, secondary, and tertiary. The primary and secondary education system is free for Malaysians, but international students need to pay for their education. The tertiary education system is further divided into diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs.

The medium of instruction in Malaysian universities is mainly English, making it easy for international students to study in Malaysia. The Malaysian education system is recognized globally, and degrees obtained from Malaysian universities are recognized worldwide.

Top Universities in Malaysia

There are several top-ranked universities in Malaysia that offer a wide range of courses. Some of the top universities in Malaysia are:

  1. Universiti Malaya (UM)
  2. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
  3. Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
  4. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
  5. Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Admission Requirements

International students must meet the following requirements to study in Malaysia:

  1. Academic requirements: International students must meet the academic requirements of the university they wish to attend.
  2. English language proficiency: International students must provide proof of English language proficiency, such as IELTS or TOEFL scores.
  3. Visa requirements: International students must obtain a student visa to study in Malaysia.
  4. Financial requirements: International students must provide proof of financial support to cover their tuition fees and living expenses.

Cost of Studying in Malaysia

The cost of studying in Malaysia is relatively low compared to other countries like the USA, UK, and Australia. The average tuition fees for international students in Malaysia are around RM20,000 to RM40,000 per year for undergraduate programs and RM20,000 to RM50,000 per year for postgraduate programs. The cost of living in Malaysia is also affordable, with an average monthly living expense of around RM1,000 to RM2,500.

Scholarships for International Students

Malaysia offers scholarships for international students to support their studies. Some of the scholarships available to international students are:

  1. Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS)
  2. Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program (MTCP)
  3. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)

Job Opportunities for International Students

International students can work part-time while studying in Malaysia. They can work up to 20 hours per week during semester breaks and up to 10 hours per week during the semester. After completing their studies, international students can also apply for a work visa to work in Malaysia.

International Degrees

Students are able to get foreign degree qualifications from universities in Australia, US, UK, France, Canada, etc. through twinning and offshore campuses at highly reduced costs.

Career Opportunities

With a growing economy – many students look forward to getting into the favorable workforce immediately on graduation. With international companies and investments – the country is a magnet for talent.

Diversity of Education

Universities in Malaysia offer degree programs in every possible discipline you can think of – thus you’re never short of choice for selecting a university for your preferred subject of study in Malaysia.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Malaysia is highly affordable compared to other top destinations for international students amongst all English speaking countries. This includes housing as well as tuition.

Standard of living

Malaysia is one of the safest and most political stable countries in the world with amazing weather and beautiful flora and fauna. With cutting edge infrastructure coupled with amazing demographics people enjoy a high standard of living in Malaysia.

Multi cultural Environment

Malaysia is a meting pot of cultures from East to West, with students from all over the globe and a myriad of communities you’ll feel at home almost instantly in Malaysia.


Nilai 35
Selangor 31
Subang Jaya 31
Kuala Lumpur 32
Lumpur 40

Courses To Choose From

Following are some number of courses provided by the Top Universities.

Accounting and Finance

Business Analytics

Business Management

Business Studies


Financial Analysis

Financial Economics


Global Supply Chain Management

International Business


Actuarial Studies

Industrial Statistics

Biology with Psychology


Medical Biotechnology


Computer Science

Information Systems (Data Analytics)

Information Technology

Information Technology (Computer Networking and Security)

Software Engineering

Advertising and Branding


Contemporary Music (Audio Technology)

Music Performance

Design Communication

Interior Architecture

Digital Film Production

Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Conventions and Events Management

Culinary Management

International Hospitality Management

American Degree Transfer Program

Primary Care for the Elderly

Actuarial Science 

Business Analytics

Computer Science

Creative Arts and Media

Data Science

Human Resource Management

Information Systems

International Hospitality Management

Life Sciences


Master of Business Administration (Online)

Medical Science

Public Policy


Sustainable Development Management

Visual Communication and Media Studies




Creative Arts and Media

Hospitality and Tourism

Mathematical Sciences

Medical Science


Sustainability Science and Technology

Sustainable Development

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