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Netherland is unique non-Anglophone country, where approximately 95% of locals speak English. This factor makes living, studying, and working in the Netherlands very convenient, comfortable and pleasant for international students. The Netherlands is also very open and tolerant, welcoming everyone to share their opinions and express themselves. This is very much encouraged during your studies.

Affordable living expenses

Compared with other western European locations, the cost of living in the Netherlands is relatively low. You will need between (€)800 and (€)1000 per month. To fund this, you can combine part-time jobs and study finance.

Universities in the Netherlands are well ranked on the global stage. You will find 13 Dutch universities (not including universities of applied sciences) in the 2022 QS World University rankings top 500, with the University of Amsterdam being the highest ranked in 55th place. The next highest ranked is Delft University of Technology, which is in 57th place.


Dutch universities are known to be among the best universities in the world, competing with other famous UK and U.S. universities. You could say Netherlands is one of the top non-English speaking countries where you can study abroad

Cost of living

Studying in the Netherlands is not that expensive, compared with other English-speaking countries such as the UK or US. Dutch higher education is subsidized by the government and tuition fees are relatively low.

Diversity of Education

Dutch universities place a strong emphasis on good personal relations between professors and students. Most tutorials and seminars take place in small groups of around 15-30 students.


This scholarship is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science as well as several Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences. The scholarship amounts to € 5,000. 

Beautiful flora and fauna

The arrival of tulips in the Netherlands brought new color to the country. We’re now also known for DJs, cheese and soccer (aka football to the rest of the world),

Work Opportunities

The Netherlands isn’t just famous for its windmills and tulips – the country is a world leader in agriculture, beaten only by the USA in terms of food exports.

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Courses To Choose From

Following are some number of courses provided by the Top Universities.




















Accountancy - Full-time

Applied Data Science & Artificial Intelligence - Full-time Subject to accreditation

Business Administration - Part Time Renewed program

Business Administration - Full-time

Public Administration / Government Management - Dual

Architecture - Full-time

Civil Engineering - Full-time

Commercial Economics | Marketing Management - Part Time Renewed program | Also starts February 1st

Commercial Economics | Marketing Management - Full-time

Actuarial Science

Ancient Studies


Business Administration

Business Analytics

Communication Science

Computational Social Science

Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology


Economics and Business Economics

English Language and Culture

European Studies

Liberal Arts and Sciences (Amsterdam University College)


Literary and Cultural Analysis (Literary Studies)

Media and Culture

Media and Information

Political Science

Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE)


Sign Language Linguistics (Linguistics)


Actuarial Science

Ancient Studies


Business Administration

Business Analytics

Communication Science

Computational Social Science

Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology


Economics and Business Economics

English Language and Culture

European Studies

Liberal Arts and Sciences (Amsterdam University College)


Literary and Cultural Analysis (Literary Studies)

Media and Culture

Media and Information

Political Science

Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE)


Sign Language Linguistics (Linguistics)


Academic Excellence Track

Mode of studyHonours programme

Accountancy (MSc Accountancy and Control)

Accountancy and Control

Actuarial Science (MSc Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance)

Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance

American Studies (History)


Archival and Information Studies (Media Studies)

Art and Performance Research Studies

Art Studies (Arts and Culture)

Artificial Intelligence

Artistic Research (Arts and Culture)

Arts of the Netherlands (Arts and Culture)

Asset Management (MSc Finance)

Banking and Regulation (MSc Finance)

Behavioural Economics and Game Theory (MSc Economics)

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (joint degree UvA/VU)

Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences: Ecology and Evolution (track)

Biological Sciences: Freshwater & Marine Biology (track)

Biological Sciences: General Biology (track)

Biological Sciences: Green Life Sciences (track)

Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical Sciences: Medical Biology tracks

Biomedical Sciences: Neurobiology tracks

Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Business Administration (MSc)

Business Data Science

Business Economics

Chemistry (joint degree UvA/VU)

Chemistry: Analytical Sciences (track)

Chemistry: Molecular Sciences (track)

Chemistry: Science for Energy and Sustainability (track)

Child Development and Education

Classics and Ancient Civilizations

Communication and Information

Communication Science: Corporate Communication

Communication Science: Entertainment Communication

Communication Science: Persuasive Communication

Communication Science: Political Communication

Communication Science: Research Master's (Academic)

Communication Science: Research Master's (Professional)

Comparative Cultural Analysis (Arts and Culture)

Comparative Literature (Literary Studies)

Comparative Politics (Political Science)

Complexity and Economic Behaviour (Msc Econometrics)

Computational Science (joint degree UvA/VU)

Computer Science (joint degree UvA/VU)

Conflict Resolution and Governance

Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage

Consumer Marketing (MSc Business Administration)

Control (MSc Accountancy and Control)

Corporate Finance (MSc Finance)

Cultural Analysis (Arts and Culture)

Cultural and Social Anthropology

Cultural and Social Anthropology: Applied Anthropology (track)

Cultural and Social Anthropology: Visual Anthropology (track)

Curating Art and Cultures (Heritage Studies)

Data Analytics (MSc Econometrics)

Development Economics (MSc Economics)

Digital Business (MSc Business Administration)

Digital Marketing (MSc Business Administration)

Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences: Environmental Management (track)

Earth Sciences: Future Planet Ecosystem Science (track)

Earth Sciences: Geo-ecological Dynamics (track)

East European Studies (European Studies)


Econometrics (MSc Econometrics)

Economic Geography (Human Geography)


Economics Research Master (Tinbergen Institute)

English (tracks)

English Literature and Culture (Literary Studies)


Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MSc Business Administration)

Entrepreneurship and Management in the Creative Industries (MSc Business Administration)

Environmental Economics (MSc Economics)

European Competition Law and Regulation (International and European Law)

European Policy (European Studies)

European Politics and External Relations (Political Science)

European Private Law (LLM)

European Union Law (International and European Law)

Film Studies (Media Studies)


Finance and Real Estate Finance Combination Track (Msc Finance)

Financial Econometrics (Msc Econometrics)

Forensic Science

General Linguistics

Heritage and Memory Studies (Heritage Studies)

Heritage, Memory and Archaeology (Archaeology)

Holocaust and Genocide Studies (History)

Honours programme (MSc Accountancy and Control)

Mode of studyHonours programme

Honours Programme Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance (Msc Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance)

Mode of studyHonours programme

Honours Programme Econometrics (Msc Econometrics)

Mode of studyHonours programme

Honours Programme Economics (Msc Economics)

Mode of studyHonours programme

Honours programme Sustainability (Msc Business Administration)

Mode of studyHonours programme

Human Geography

Identity and Integration (European Studies)

Information Law (LLM) - Students can no longer enrol

Information Studies

Information Studies: Data Science (track)

Information Studies: Information Systems (track)

International and Transnational Criminal Law (International Criminal Law)

International Business (MSc Business Administration)

International Criminal Law - Joint Program with Columbia Law School (International Criminal Law)

International Development Studies

International Development Studies

International Dramaturgy (Arts and Culture)

International Finance and Trade (MSc Economics)

International Relations (Political Science)

International Tax Law (Advanced LLM)

International Trade and Investment Law (International and European Law)

Jewish Studies (Middle Eastern Studies)

Journalism, Media and Globalisation (Erasmus Mundus Master's - joint degree)

Language and Society (Linguistics)

Language, Literature and Education

Latin American Studies

Law & Finance (LLM)

Leadership and Management (MSc Business Administration)

Linguistics and Communication

Literary Studies (research)

Literature, Culture and Society (Literary Studies)


Management of International Business and Trade (MSc Business Administration)

Managerial Economics and Strategy (MSc Business Economics)


Media Studies

Media Studies (Research)

Medical Anthropology and Sociology

Medical Informatics

Monetary Policy and Banking (MSc Economics)

Museum Studies (Heritage Studies)

Music Studies (Arts and Culture)

New Media and Digital Culture (Media Studies)

Pedagogical Sciences: Youth at Risk (track)


Philosophy (research)

Philosophy of the Humanities and the Social Sciences (Philosophy)

Physics and Astronomy (joint degree UvA/VU)

Physics and Astronomy: Advanced Matter and Energy Physics (track)

Physics and Astronomy: Astronomy and Astrophysics (track)

Physics and Astronomy: Biophysics and Biophotonics (track)

Physics and Astronomy: General Physics and Astronomy (track)

Physics and Astronomy: Gravitation, Astro-, and Particle Physics (track)

Physics and Astronomy: Science for Energy and Sustainability (track)

Physics and Astronomy: Theoretical Physics (track)

Political Economy (Political Science)

Political Geography (Human Geography)

Political Science

Political Theory (Political Science)

Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image (Media Studies)

Psychology (research)

Psychology: Behavioural Data Science (track)

Psychology: Brain & Cognition in Society (track)

Psychology: Coaching & Vitality in Organisations (track)

Psychology: Consultancy & Organisational Development (track)

Psychology: Cultural Psychology (track)

Psychology: Health Promotion & Behaviour Change (track)

Psychology: Human Resource & Career Management (track)

Psychology: Social Influence (track)

Psychology: Sport and Performance Psychology (track)

Public International Law (International and European Law)

Public Policy (MSc Economics)

Public Policy and Governance (Political Science)

Quantitative Finance (MSc Finance)

Quantitative Risk Management (MSc Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance)

Real Estate Finance (MSc Finance)

Religious Studies (Theology and Religious Studies)

Security and Network Engineering

Social Sciences


Software Engineering

Spatial Sustainability Studies (Human Geography)

Spatial Sustainability Studies (Urban and Regional Planning)

Spirituality and Religion (Theology and Religious Studies)

Stochastics and Financial Mathematics

Strategy (MSc Business Administration)

Television and Cross-Media Culture (Media Studies)

Theatre Studies (Arts and Culture)

Urban and Regional Planning

Urban Geography (Human Geography)

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