10 Things You Need to Know Before Studying in New Zealand

Are you looking for a study abroad experience filled with adventures? Then you should pack your bags; the mountains and waterways of New Zealand are waiting for you.

Given its size, you must be surprised that there are only 8 universities in the country, expanding across the two islands.

You will fall in love with the diversity and the exquisite scenes of New Zealand.

Studying in New Zealand will make you feel like you are living your dream life because of its culture, locality, and scenarios.

The number of international students studying in New Zealand proves the country’s education system.

Before you decide to go to study in New Zealand, here are 10 things you need to know before studying in New Zealand.

  1. Best Student Cities in New Zealand – The cities like Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, and Christchurch are some of the top cities of New Zealand where international students prefer to study. These cities have a valuable academic atmosphere and a clean, safe environment.
  2. Only 8 Universities in the Whole Country – You must be surprised that New Zealand has only 8 universities, across the two islands, like Auckland University of Technology, University of Auckland, University of Otago, and Victoria University of Wellington. These universities consist of 17,000 to 30,000 students.
  3. Get Ready to Try a Different Type of BBQ – Are you a big fan of BBQ? You will love Kiwi cuisine in New Zealand. It consists of fresh vegetables from a local market; New Zealand’s food is healthy, organic and tasty.
    For special occasions and events, Kiwis sometimes will divert to their Maori roots by cooking them traditionally using hangi techniques, digging a hole deep in the ground, heating stones, and simmering everything directly in the pit. This way is safe and adds an extra layer of the taste you like the most.
  1. Getting a Maori tattoo can be Offensive – If you want to get a tattoo while studying in New Zealand. Just be aware of the possibility that your actions should not offend any of the cultural values and sentiments.
    In New Zealand’s Maori culture, getting a tattoo is an honour. People with tattoos, called ‘moko,’ are considered knowledgeable of their tribe’s traditions, rituals, and languages. Westerners who get these tattoos exploit the origins of the tattoo.
  1. Get Your Money Sorted – There are several ways to save money while studying in New Zealand. A meal should not cost you less than $15, and many courses include a meal.
    A lot of time, few nature exhibitions cost a hefty fee, but a day in a national park is free of cost.
    Usually, cities are expensive, no matter where you are but cities like Auckland and Wellington have many events and festivals that allow students to enter at a discounted price in the museums.
  1. Pack for Chilly Weather – The most exciting thing about New Zealand is you can experience all four seasons in a day. So, when preparing to study in New Zealand, pack sweaters, rain jackets, and sunscreen.
    As it is situated in the mountain region, you can expect the weather to be typically rainy. New Zealand’s climate is more relaxed in the south than north, and the coldest month of the year is between June and August.
    If you want to do hiking and outdoor activities often, you need to pack warmer clothes.
  1. Know Proper Tipping Etiquette – If you are a Bank of America customer, New Zealand bank, Westpac, allows American customers to withdraw funds free of cost from Westpac ATMs.
    And when we talk about typing, because most of the service industry employees earn a reasonable amount for their living, tipping is not mandatory and not expected. In cases where individuals make money through tourism, tipping is also optional.
  1. Study in New Zealand at any Time – No matter when you want to study in New Zealand, you can check whenever you want to.
    Also, you can get a 100% scholarship for graduation, master’s and Ph.D. courses while studying in New Zealand. Choose from a wide range of courses, semester, full-year exchange, summer courses, to short term.
  1. Find a Good Student Visa Consultant – If you plan to study in New Zealand, find a good student visa consultant that can help you with the student visa process and can make you understand the functioning of New Zealand’s education system.
    Also, don’t forget to research universities before applying and get your doubts cleared by the experts.
  1. More Random Things – You should know a few more things before studying in New Zealand. A light switch flips down to turn on, dogs can walk in public without leashes, and toilet flushes work in the opposite direction.


Ultimately, we can say that when you study in New Zealand, you need to follow all the necessary rules made by the Government. You cannot disturb the peace of the place.
So, if you wish to get a study visa in New Zealand, you need to discuss it with the overseas education consultant in Dubai. You can contact 4sstudyabroad with any questions or queries regarding your study visa.
Ask about the courses you are interested in, fees, and scholarships and start packing for your Kiwi experience.