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San Mateo Colleges in Silicon Valley

Admission to Selective Universities through Community Colleges

Did you know that over 45% of American bachelor degree students started at a community college and American universities on average admit more transfer students as juniors than freshmen? Come to hear why international students have a better chance to be admitted by top universities like UC Berkeley, George Washington University, Cornell, through elite community colleges. Understand why students save up to $30,000/year in tuition by choosing community college transfer. Receive official admission data on direct and transfer admission from US higher education officials. Have one-on-one conversation with Officials from San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley – 3 public transfer colleges known for their elite transfer services with the largest number of American universities offering “guaranteed admission” through transfer; most popular colleges for foreign students; partnership with UC Berkeley and other selective universities; and safe and welcoming communities. Further details on

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