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Netherlands is unique non-Anglophone country, where approximately 95% of locals speak English. This factor makes living, studying, and working in the Netherlands very convenient, comfortable and pleasant for international students. The Netherlands is also very open and tolerant, welcoming everyone to share their opinions and express themselves. This is very much encouraged during your studies.

Affordable living expenses

Compared with other western European locations, the cost of living in the Netherlands is relatively low. You will need between (€)800 and (€)1000 per month. To fund this, you can combine part-time jobs and study finance.

Universities in the Netherlands are well ranked on the global stage. You will find 13 Dutch universities (not including universities of applied sciences) in the 2022 QS World University rankings top 500, with the University of Amsterdam being the highest ranked in 55th place. The next highest ranked is Delft University of Technology, which is in 57th place.


Dutch universities are known to be among the best universities in the world, competing with other famous UK and U.S. universities. You could say Netherlands is one of the top non-English speaking countries where you can study abroad

Cost of living

Studying in the Netherlands is not that expensive, compared with other English-speaking countries such as the UK or US. Dutch higher education is subsidized by the government and tuition fees are relatively low.

Diversity of Education

Dutch universities place a strong emphasis on good personal relations between professors and students. Most tutorials and seminars take place in small groups of around 15-30 students.


This scholarship is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science as well as several Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences. The scholarship amounts to € 5,000. 

Beautiful flora and fauna

The arrival of tulips in the Netherlands brought new color to the country. We’re now also known for DJs, cheese and soccer (aka football to the rest of the world),

Work Opportunities

The Netherlands isn’t just famous for its windmills and tulips – the country is a world leader in agriculture, beaten only by the USA in terms of food exports.


Courses To Choose From

Following are some number of courses provided by the Top Universities.

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