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From a diverse set of subjects to breathing the air that encourages debate and space for individual thought, the US has always remained a favourite destination for students from across the world.

Not only does the land of opportunities promises brilliant faculty at its many prestigious institutes of learning, but also diverse set of subjects at the undergraduate and post-graduate level. What more, students can even have a tailor made curriculum that can be instrumental in realizing their specific career – oriented goals.

However, before it comes to studying there, what most students and parents are apprehensive about, is navigating one’s way through everyday situations and issues, which sometimes can be a challenge. In order to ensure that students from different lands do not face difficulties and have minimum hiccups while understanding new systems, American colleges and universities boast of exceptional international student offices, manned by experienced staffers, who ascertain that these offices are one-stop advisory points for the student community. From the most mundane to complex issues, they are equipped to handle most problems that members of the international student community may face including those pertaining to adapting to a culturally and academically different environment.

It all starts with the arrival of the students when a basic orientation programme is held for the latter’s benefit. The officials are forever ready to assist when it comes to your queries visa status, financial situations, housing, employment possibilities, and health concerns etc. Besides that, if you choose to complete your degree in the US, the office also provides resume and employment/placement assistance close to graduation.

4S study Abroad offers the aspiring students great opportunity to be part of the best University and Colleges in the US under the US Admissions Package, for every semester intake. From profiling the students depending on each individual strength and merits , shortlisting universities , Application and Admission Documentation Services, student Visa Application Services, Pre Arrival orientation, Accommodation and On Arrival Assistance, is being provided. 4S Study Abroad US Students Application package involves choosing up to 8 to 10 of the right universities. For more details, please email with the Subject line US Admissions package.

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