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    Europe has grown to be popular destination for higher studies and is widely being accepted and acclaimed for its high quality and practical approach. With its high demand for quality education accompanied by affordable range of cost factor is a an attraction. The benefits of ERASMUS Exchange programme is huge benefit for students while studying getting great exposure to be part of different learning and cultural Environments. Enhancing the global outlook for students.

    What is Erasmus+

    Erasmus+ is a student mobility programme wherein students and professionals are given the opportunity to study or work for a 3 – 12 month period in another EU country or ‘partner’ state. The oppurtunity to be part some of top best universities in Europe. Erasmus+ is funded by the European Commission and is named after the Dutch Renaissance humanist and theologian Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam.

    Erasmus+ brings together seven existing EU programmes in the fields of Education, Training, and Youth; it will now provide support for Sport as well. As an integrated programme it offers more opportunities for cooperation all across the Education, Training, Youth, and Sport sectors.

    Erasmus+ gives students and professionals a chance to broaden their education and professional experience while making friends, exploring and understanding the culture of a new country.

    Erasmus+ grant

    The Erasmus+ grant is an intended contribution for the student to assist in the living cost while studying and living in the host country.

    Each participant will receive an Erasmus+ grant apart from the loans or other grants that they have already receive for their UK tuition fees. Exchange students on Erasmus+ programme do not pay any university fee in the host/partner university.

    Who can go on Erasmus?

    Erasmus is open to all students, including international students. Professors and university staff can also participate.

    The programme is open to 33 countries : Member States of the European Union, EU candidate countries and EFTA / EEA members. With these participating countries participants are certain to discover the right place that would suit their learning or training needs.

    How to apply

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