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Scholarship/Financial Aids

Scholarship/Financial Aids

To study abroad is a dream come true for you and your family however, it is going to be expensive as you pay in foreign currency , will need a place to live, get new attire as per the weather ,and the list is never ending. Cost is a major hurdle to overcome once you have made the grades.

We at understand it all and assist you to approach everything step by step in the right manner. We provide students with support on getting loans, scholarships and other financial aids to meet their course fee and other expenses

Admission Documentation Assistance

Given below is a generic list of documents needed:

  • Application Form – An application form is one of the first interaction you have with the admission officer which is why it is important that it be clear and properly filled in and is legible.
  • Statement of Purpose – A well drafted SOP can go a long way in deciding your place at the university. This document is a reflection of who you are, why you choose the career you do, what attracts you to that particular university ,how you can add value and what career path you intend to take post course completion. A document as important as this has to be given the most time and effective review which we help you with.
  • Recommendation Letters- A good recommendation letter can help you rank higher than others. Ensure that you request for a letter of recommendation from someone who knows you and has a great standing in his chosen field and is a person of repute. An ineffective letter of recommendation or having none at all may push your rank lower.
  • Visa Paper – Ensure that all your visa papers are up to date, placed sequentially and prominently for the admission officer to review and approve.
  • Financial Statement – A financial statement can be your parents or guardians and should reflect enough resources for you to attend the course, even if you have applied for scholarship.
  • Curriculum Vitae – A professionally written well-endowed CV is one of the most important documents in your file. We ensure that you capture all your details and achievements in a manner bound to impress the admission officer. It is vital to have a great CV especially if you are looking for a scholarship. One becomes eligible for scholarship based on their achievements and great academics in the past which a good CV will display if done correctly.

Contact us now as you start planning so that the experts in our team can help you to make a well informed decision. It is our pleasure to serve you better.

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