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Admission Package

Admission Package

We at 4sstudybroad have developed a specialized admission package to help aspiring students apply to various prominent US Universities and gain admission. We provide end to end assistance- right from the time you are shortlisting the universities you want to apply for until your travel advisory and support.

We make bespoke service packages as per ‘your’ requirements.

Brief of the services offered by us include:

  • Shortlist universities as per your preference
  • Support & expert review of your ‘Statement of Purpose’
  • Support & expert review of ‘Personal Statements’
  • Support, preparation & expert review of Academic Statements
  • Preparation & expert review of Diversity Statements
  • Life Goal Essays support & review
  • Proof read Letters of Recommendation
  • Support with filling the application and generation of Login credentials
  • Visa Guidance and Mock Interviews basis admit status
  • Travel advisory and support services

“We support you at every step towards your dream university”

Why choose 4sstudyabroad?

We believe in building relationships that last a lifetime .We understand that you are at a crucial stage in your life and are happy to stand with you this critical juncture to help give shape to your dreams and aspirations.

Professional Counseling- We have professional counselors who are trained and well equipped to suggest, recommend and handhold you through the entire process. They give you advice as per your need and act as a single point of contact for you, thus saving time and effort while bringing in greater accountability.

Best Guidance at Every Step – We ensure that you receive appropriate counseling at every step of the way which is why our counseling sessions are available at every stage of your application. We work closely with you to ensure the desired outcome at every stage of the application while putting in best efforts to achieve best results.

Approachable and Friendly – Our expert team members are every ready to help. You are assigned a dedicated Single Point of Contact at the start of our relationship .We are available online, over the phone etc. during business hours and try to give the best resolution to any query you may have , big or small.

Online Chat –We have a free online chat facility to give you a seamless instant communication facility wherever you are whenever you want, saving time and giving you instant response to your queries. We also have the Click to call option available.

Information Repository –We have developed a special web based interactive repository to store all important discussions, document soft copies for ready reference and to ensure timelines are met. All information related to shortlisted universities, LOR, online applications, SOP, Pre-departure information, Visa can be accessed with the help of personal interactive webpage. This provides a single check point for all your stages and spares the time spent in keeping track of mails.

Central Database – We have an extensive database of various universities, regularly updated to help you do a comparative study of different universities. We ensure that any university specific update is uploaded onto this database as soon as it is received. This warrants that you don’t miss out on any important information.

Bespoke Packages -We offer all of the services as mentioned above, however, in case you wish to add or delete a service we are happy to create a special customized service package which suits your requirement. Do ask for yours.

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