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  • Admission Counseling ServicesWe at 4S Study Abroad provide comprehensive admission counselling services for students to materialize their dream to study abroad.

    It is quite true that students are in a dilemma when they have to decide on studying abroad. They have a lot of options with a wide range of courses, universities and countries to choose from. We come to your support at this point. Our expertise in this field helps you to choose the right course, college, university and country.

    Which course to choose?

    There are numerous courses that each university offers. The student has to choose the right course based on his real interest, talent, past academic performance and educational qualification. In fact, one of the most important decisions that every student has to make during his academic life is selecting the right course. Remember that choosing the right course is what is going to determine your future. So, the process of course selection should be done with extreme care, and advice from experts. Our consultants at 4S Study Abroad help you with making the right decision about the course.

    Our consultants cross-check your personal interests, skills and qualifications before providing you with any advice on course selection.

    Which university to choose for study?

    Choosing the right university is as important as choosing the right course. In fact, there are many of universities across the world offering almost similar courses. It is tough for students to select the right university and course. We help them to choose the most appropriate university for their study based on the following factors.

    • Course fee
    • Academic standard
    • Accreditation of the university
    • Reputation of the university among employers
    • Quality of faculty and infrastructure
    • Ease of getting scholarship and other financial aids
    • Campus recruitment options
    • PR (Permanent residence) options upon the completion of the course
    • Flexibility of university rules as to choosing additional programs from within or outside the university
    • Overall expenses (living and other)

    Accommodation facilities

    While choosing to study abroad, students need to be very careful regarding living expenses and ease of getting accommodation facilities in the foreign country. In addition to providing students with assistance on choosing the right course and university, we assist them in finding the most affordable accommodation facilities.

    Scholarship and other financial aids

    Studying abroad is going to be an expensive affair. A major obstacle that most students face during the pursuit to study abroad is the cost. We provide students with assistance on getting loans, scholarships and other financial aids to meet their course fee and other expenses.

    Please contact us at the earliest before you start planning so that our discussion can help you to make a better informed decision. We are always happy to help you in whatever way we can.

    Admission Documentation Assistance

    Our team assist you through the below documentation procedures.

    • Application form
    • Statement of purpose
    • Recommendation letters
    • Visa paper
    • Financial statement
    • Curriculum vitae

    Get in touch with our experts today itself and get your papers for your overseas education processed at ease and with pace.

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