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    IF nothing, but the best is what you aspire for and only the world’s top universities in England and the US are what you aim to get your degree from, here’s an effective and comprehensive insight into what you need to prioritize when applying for these selective institutions. More importantly, in these competitive times, it’s paramount to understand what selectors of these elite universities are looking for in you, your application and how you can be a cut above.

    Be it Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, Columbia…you have a chance of securing a place in the institution and course of your choice, only if you APPLY and on time. You may not be selected, but you know you gave it your best shot and gained invaluable experience by undergoing the process of sending applications.

    The importance of high GRADES or exceptional SCORES in examinations and additional tests, can never be undermined if you want to be part of the elite and world-class institutions. Apart from an exceptional academic school records, these universities will value additional work and may ask you to appear for admission and critical thinking tests, with US universities asking for high SAT or ACT scores.

    Apart from grades, US universities are looking for and value students who are well-rounded personalities, with high credits given to achievements or exceptional talent in the fields of sports, art, social work….With as many as nine out of ten applicants (with exceptional grades that make them eligible for admission) rejected by most elite universities, what value you can add to a university may be the clinching factor. In the UK, it’s mostly your academic record and your potential that is the decisive factor in securing a place.

    Genuine and deep interest in the course for which you have applied for, must reflect in your personal statements. If you have an interview, your responses to the admission tutor should clearly reflect your passion for the subject, why you chose it, how you strive to excel in the field. It’s important that you are completely in sync with the history and present status of the University you have applied for, what in the first place made you choose it, how you hope to add value to it and its student community.

    Honesty shows – in your application, the person you are, what you say to the selector and how you say it. Please highlight your achievements, the wins, the highs, the exceptional work of your student life, but genuinely. Selectors have the experience and caliber to know the true you.

    And last, but not the least, start preparing for admissions a year in advance, be organized, focused and methodical in your approach. Get your application, personal statements, references, test scores needed by universities in place, well in time.

    Remember that life gives you many chances. So put your best foot forward and stay positive. The journey has just begun.

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